Whether or not you have lived in Arizona for many years, there are many interesting and hidden facts about this fascinating state. Many obvious facts may be that Arizona is the home of the world-famous Grand Canyon and is a state that is mostly made up of desert.

But not only do people all over the globe come to visit this state but it is also a place where many come to live and start families. The lovely state of Arizona provides a lot for its residents such as many job opportunities, affordable living in the major cities, and it also a great place to retire, especially in Phoenix.

In the city of Phoenix, the cost of living is extremely affordable, making it also a great to live for the millennials. While all of these things are great, let’s take a deeper dive into some fun facts that make Phoenix Arizona seem more then just desert and rock:

1.      Phoenix is the true land of opportunity

Arizona is named as a “right-to-work” state. This means the law says no one should be denied the chance to obtain or retain employment due to a non-membership in a labor organization.

The majority of jobs in the state of Arizona are located in Phoenix. It also might make more sense for you to know that it is the sixth largest city in the US with a population of over 1.4 million. This is good news for those who need a fresh start. Moving to Arizona will be an easy transition because it will be easy to pick up a job to get yourself on your feet. Arizona is known for having a great quality of life, all of their residents are generally well taken care of, especially when it comes to jobs.

Job opportunities in Phoenix Arizona

2.      No Daylight Savings

Can you imagine being a world with no daylight savings in the US? Well it can happen. Well, only in Phoenix AZ that is. You can actually live in a city where there is no changing of the clocks, losing sleep or gaining sleep; it will always stay the same!

3.      Messing with their cacti could have you in jail

Arizona’s state plant could get you behind bars.

If anyone tries to remove a cactus from the ground, they can get in some serious trouble. It doesn’t help that Phoenix sits right in the Sonoran Desert, where there are saguaro cacti: cacti that are found in no other part of the entire world. These plants are 100s of years old and rare, so it is illegal to mess with them!

4.      A Warm Winter

Have you ever heard of winter being warm? Now wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the word “winter?” In Phoenix there is technically never a winter. The average temperature is 67 degrees and stays that way throughout the year.

However, fair warning: all this mild weather means our little bug and pest friends tend to thrive all year long, which is why you find plenty of businesses focused on pest control in Phoenix, AZ.

5.      Arizona can fit all of New England plus Pennsylvania inside

Arizona often gets overlooked as a state; some people don’t even know that is the state that has the Grand Canyon! However, Arizona is so large both New England and Pennsylvania can fit inside!

6.      Enjoy 334 days of Sunshine

Considering there is only 365 days in a year, that is a lot of sunshine!

Phoenix pool builder

This of course makes Phoenix the perfect place to own a pool, which is why businesses like Natural Reflections Pools keep so busy! If you’re planning to settle down in Phoenix, be sure to contact us today and find out about getting your own luxury pool in this sun-filled city!

7.      Phoenix is one of the world’s top golf destinations

We hope you like to golf! There are more than 200 golf courses in Phoenix, AZ, making it one of the most desired places to golf in the world.