Sanitization Options for Your Pool – Finally a Clear Explanation!

Maintaining a pool can be hard and during the summer months, it is important to make sure that you are on top of you pool sanitization so you do not get anyone sick. School’s out and the summer is finally here—so making sure that your family’s pool is clean and ready to use should be […]

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Arizona’s Highest Quality Pool Builder – Natural Reflections Pools & Spas

Phoenix, AZ  – The aesthetic beauty of a pool on your property is undeniable.The clear blue water provides a great backdrop for pool parties, wedding receptions, and family fun days. Pools also provide the perfect excuse for being outdoors during the summer. However, they can only live up to all of these expectations when they […]

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How to Compare Pool Quotes

If you are considering getting a pool put onto your property it is important to know what you are looking and know how to decide which companies pool quote is best for you. Make sure that throughout your shopping you are designing and creating your dream pool, making sure it is done safely and efficiently.
What […]

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How in-floor cleaning works, and is it right for you?

When installing a pool into your home, there are some aspects that you must consider before you can lounge next to the crystal blue waters with a cool beverage. One of those aspects includes the kind of cleaning system that you want installed. There are a few different options to select from, with an in-flooring […]

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3 Things All Pool Builders in Arizona Have In Common

In the hot, arid climate of Arizona, many seek oasis in a beach chair beside a pool, and it’s easier to accomplish than you might think. There are a variety of pool companies to choose from throughout the Copper State. Pool builders in Arizona offer very similar services so choosing the right one to build […]

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How Much Should I Expect To Pay For An Inground Swimming Pool? The Costs Of Building One Explained

So you’ve decided that you want an inground pool. Maybe it’s your first pool or you’re ready to upgrade from your inflatable kiddie pool to something that the whole family can enjoy (and fit in) during the sweltering summer months. But how much does an inground swimming pool cost? You know that it’s not cheap, […]

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Natural Reflections Launches New and Improved Website

Phoenix, AZ — Natural Reflections Pools and Spas, is an industry leading licensed pool builder. Serving Phoenix since 1970, Natural Reflections is founded on innovation, creativity, compassion, and expertise. The company’s founder is the inventor of the in-floor pool cleaning system, Caretaker, and is the founder of PebbleTec® pool finishes in North America. Customers can trust […]

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What Sets the Best Scottsdale Pool Builder Apart from Others?

Choosing the best Scottsdale pool builder for your home does not have to become a difficult, lengthy process. In fact, it becomes quite easy when you know what to look for to distinguish what companies or contractors are truly the best.

Pool design not only impacts the usability and aesthetics of your backyard, but it also is […]

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How to Search for Perfect Pool Builders in Phoenix

Jumping into a refreshing pool is the perfect way to cool yourself off from the raging heat outdoors, especially if you live in Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s very probable that you will experience many hot days when living within an area such as this one, making the opportunity to have your own pool hard to resist. […]

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NR Pools Blog Coming Soon!

Natural Reflections Pools & Spa will be delivering information and helpful pool care tips through the blog very soon.

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