Swimming pool construction is a relatively standard procedure. There is a linear process that transforms your yard to a beautiful resort.

The true difference in pool construction is the pride, the care and the attention to detail your custom pool builder puts into your pool. Some builders take the approach that bigger is better, and focus on building as many pools as they can, sometimes at the expense of having enough time to spend on each project. Other builders try to minimize costs by employing handymen who will actually do the work of many trades on your pool. You may see the same person wiring the electrical components of your pool as is plumbing your pool as is lining the pool with reinforcing steel. After all, when the job is done, all of this work is covered with ground, decking and concrete; no one will see the workmanship once it is done.

We subscribe to a different belief. We believe there are no shortcuts. We believe each project deserves detailed construction management; not simply cursory checks at a couple of the more significant steps of your pool’s construction. Our Project Managers will meet each and every trade on your job site to ensure they understand your job completely, and to be sure everything we promise in a great pool for you is carried through at every stage. Our Project Managers have a checklist in excess of 400 items that are inspected and documented to ensure your Natural Reflections pool is the best built pool possible.

We also believe your pool is worthy of only trained, qualified and licensed trades for each step of the project. We only use specialized and licensed trade professionals for every stage of your pool construction. That gives us, and you, the comfort that every aspect of your pool is built to and above industry standards. Because whether it is buried under concrete or the esthetic highlight of your pool, every component is critical to a properly functioning pool that will give you years and years of trouble free enjoyment.

What should you expect in your backyard?

You have dreamed your perfect pool. You have researched and interviewed pool builders. You have worked with our designers who have taken your dream and transformed it to a plan that fits your yard, your needs, your wants and your budget. And you have chosen Natural Reflections Pools & Spas to build your dream pool.

So now what? Before your yard becomes your beautiful vision, it becomes the “controlled chaos” of a construction zone. Here is what you will see happen as your pool is built.


You have worked with our talented designers to create your unique backyard resort. Those artistic renderings of your pool are used by our CAD designers to build construction drawings and documents which our trades will build your pool from. It usually takes a two to three days for these construction documents to be completed.

Pre-Construction Meeting

With our construction plans in hand, we hold a detailed meeting in our office involving your Designer, your Project Manager, Technical Advisor, Project Scheduler and the owner of Natural Reflections Pools & Spas. This checkpoint allows your designer to ensure the Project Manager is aware of all the nuances of your project as well as having a team of experts ensuring your design and our construction plans are executed flawlessly.


The completed construction plans are sent to Structural Engineering to ensure structural integrity is maintained in the construction of your pool. In most cases, this step takes one or two days, but can be longer for more complex projects.


Once we have the construction and engineering plans, we submit to your city for building permit. Each city’s permitting process is different and this step may take as little as one week, but could take as much as four weeks. We know this step may take some time, but it is critical and we cannot start any construction until the permit is granted.

Blue Stake

Underground utilities including cable, electric, gas and telephone lines are located and marked.


Your pool will be painted out on your ground. At this time, your Project Manager will meet with you to review and sign-off on the layout. Minor “tweeks” may be made to the layout; however, significant changes would require new construction plans, engineering and city permitting. While meeting with your Project Manager, you will also review the overall project to ensure you and your Project Manager have the same end result in mind.


Now your yard really changes! Our excavators will bring in large equipment to dig the hole that will become your pool. You will be amazed and excited at how close the completed dig resembles what your finished pool will look like. Your Project Manager will be on site for a large part of this phase.


With your pool taking shape, all plumbing for your pool will be run. All plumbing will be pressurized and capped. Your Project Manager will keep a careful eye on the pressure of your plumbing throughout the entire construction project to ensure the integrity of your plumbing is maintained. Pool equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, etc. are typically installed at this time.


Your pool will now be lined with steel rebar.  These rods reinforce the concrete pool shell and provides structural integrity of your pool shell. Natural Reflections uses additional steel and larger than standard steel in key areas like the bond beam. The steel lining of your pool defines the shape of your pool in even more detail. Once again, your Project Manager will be on-site to ensure the steel is set properly.


Underground conduit, PVC conduit, light niches, junction boxes and bond wires will be installed at this time. Trenches for electrical wiring will be left open for City inspection. And again, your Project Manager will ensure all wiring is to our high standards.

Pre-Shotcrete Inspection

Before we form your pool with concrete, a City Building Inspector will be scheduled to ensure all work complies with city codes. Shotcrete will be scheduled upon approval from the City inspection.


Concrete will be sprayed under pressure to complete the structural shell of your pool. Your Project Manager will be on site for most of this critical phase. The shotcrete crew are very talented and hard working. They will form your pool and smooth out the concrete in preparation for your final interior finish.

Gas Piping

If required for your project, gas lines will be run and connected. Gas trenches will be left open for final City inspection.


Retaining walls, barbeques, firepits, decorative trim and other hardscapes will be installed at this time, once again, under the supervision of your Project Manager.

Rocks and Waterfalls

If your design has rocks or waterfalls in it, these features will be put in place. Whether natural or artificial rock work is used, these highly skilled tradesmen will provide an amazing focal point of your pool.


Whether it is poured concrete, brick pavers, Artistic Pavers, or natural pavers such as travertine, your decking and coping will now be installed. Your backyard resort is really taking shape now and it won’t be long till you are enjoying your own personal paradise!


Waterline and decorative tile may be set before or after decking is complete, depending on circumstances such as type of deck. Your Scheduler and Project Manager will let you know when tile will be installed.

Final Clean-up

We encourage all our workers to maintain a tidy job site, but a construction site will always have its share of debris. As we prepare for final finish of your pool, we do an extensive clean-up to get your yard back into shape for you.

Final Inspection

A City Inspector will perform a final inspection to verify all required safety barriers are in place before allowing us to complete the final finish of your pool. At this time, your Natural Reflections Project Manager will also perform a final pool inspection to ensure your pool is ready for the interior finish and that all outstanding items have been taken care of.

Interior Finish

Your excitement will grow as our interior finish crews arrive because very soon you will be swimming in your new pool! We work with a select few experienced interior finishers to ensure your pool interior is every bit as beautiful as you imagined it would be. These crews are as much artisans as they are trades people. They take great pride in their work and know how excited you are for them to be finished!


Within a day or two of your interior finish, your pool will be filled with water and your Project Manager will get your pool up and running for you. By now, you have probably forged a friendship with your Project Manager and he will tell you what chemicals he is adding, how he adds them and why.

Pool School

Once your pool is up and running, we will hold a training session with you at your pool. We will give you an overview of water chemistry and water balancing, as well as show you how to operate your pool.

Swimming, Sunning and Fun

This stage is all up to you! We wish you many years of enjoyment from your Natural Reflections pool!