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There are many pool builders to choose from. You will hear many of them speak of “integrity” and “quality”. But unlike buying a new car, you cannot see, touch or test drive your pool until you have spent your money and committed to someone to build your pool. And once you let someone start building your pool, no matter what difficulties you encounter, it is difficult to stop the problems and start over again.

We believe we offer a different and better experience. The first step is talking to us. We are your resource. We have tried and true knowledge and experience in swimming pool construction. It is incumbent on us to share our knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best possible pool design to meet your dreams and needs, and to ensure you can choose the best pool builder for your new backyard pool.

Once you talk to us, we think you will see that Natural Reflections Pools & Spas believes in always doing it better.

What does “better” mean? It is not necessarily bigger, or faster, or louder, or cheaper. But it could be. “Better” is whatever is important to you. Challenge our knowledge and experience by telling us what “better” means to you. And let us rise to your challenge.


Does “better” mean you have no surprises throughout your pool construction? We do all we can to eliminate surprises. We invest all the time you need from us to discuss equipment and options for your pool; how they work, how they benefit you and your pool, as well as what impacts they have on price and maintenance of your pool. We visit your home and take many measurements of your yard so that we can give you an accurate price for your pool. We think it is important you know the true cost before you build your pool and not be fooled with a low price that is followed up by job amendments that require additional investment to get your pool built.


Is “better” for you to have the peace of mind knowing every step of the construction of your pool is being carefully supervised? While most top pool builders have Construction Superintendents, many of them are focused on managing a large number of pools. That means you might see them in your backyard two or three times for a couple of hours through the construction of your pool. Natural Reflections Pools & Spas have a check list of over 400 points that our Construction Superintendent will review throughout your pool construction. He will be on-site for every stage of the job, and you will often see him in the midst of your construction, measuring, checking, and working alongside the trades to ensure a perfect pool for you. On average, our Construction Superintendent will spend 30 hours in your backyard taking away any worries you may have about how your pool is being built.


Are pool hydraulics important to you? We take extra care to design the most efficient plumbing systems for your pool, which include oversized, schedule 40 PVC piping. We do not take shortcuts that compromise plastic pvc piping integrity by heat bending it. We loop plumbing and water feature returns to ensure equalized water flow throughout your system. And we use the best equipment for your pool design such as specialized variable speed pumps and venturi skimmers.


Is the most durable structure and finish in your pool your idea of “better”? We build far above industry standards with additional and bigger steel set inside our concrete for superior strength and reinforcement. We specify and measure the thickest pool walls, with extra concrete in key areas such as coves and transitions between wall and floor. We can recommend additional strengthening materials, such as fibermesh embedded in your concrete and surcharged steel. We will help you understand how our construction techniques prevent your pool from causing cracks in your deck.


If “better” means your pool makes your backyard the most jaw-dropping awesome backyard in the neighborhood, wait till you see the ideas our pool designers have in store for you. Our pool designs highlight our commitment to innovation. Using your dreams and imagination, and balanced with your budget of course, our design and construction experts collaborate to create a pool design that leaves you simply saying, “Wow!”


Does price define a “better” pool for you? We all know there is a drastic difference between inexpensive and cheap. You are making a significant investment to create a better lifestyle for you, your family and your friends. Being conscious of cost is important, and we share that responsibility with you. Cheap, though, only assures you of future problems. The Right Price respects your budget and helps you understand how to achieve the backyard of your dreams without compromising the integrity of your pool construction. Your pool is one of the most permanent investments you will make. You cannot simply trade it in if it is a “lemon” like you could a car. Your investment in your pool should give you years and years of trouble-free enjoyment and through its longevity, should help increase the value of your estate. No one wants to overspend, and no one wants to cut corners on such a significant investment. We will ensure the Right Price, considerate of your budget and of the pool of your dreams!  You will find no better value than a Natural Reflections swimming pool.


Wouldn’t “better” mean that your pool construction company doesn’t abandon you after they finish building your pool? If better means you have a company that offers continual care for you and your pool, Natural Reflections Pools & Spas is your natural choice. We are proud of the work we do to build your pool and want to share in keeping your pool in the best possible shape with you. In addition of our own in-house repair staff that know your equipment and pool intimately, we also offer weekly cleaning and chemical balancing service to keep you pool fresh, clean and ready for your enjoyment at all times. We think building your pool is just the start of our relationship with you.