While deciding on whether or not to install a luxury pool in your home, you’ve likely had trouble finding a hard answer to the question, “What’s it going to cost me?” Just like with building a home, the project is impossible to quote without first exploring all aspects of the pool to be built. The best way to get a good idea of cost is to get quotes from multiple contractors. If you’d like to think through the process of pool cost before that, though, we’ll give you a few tips.

The final cost of installing a luxury pool comes down to a few basic things: the size of the pool and space being dealt with, equipment and materials, add-on components, and location.

Size of Pool

Logically, a larger pool comes with a higher price. It requires more materials and longer labor costs. Beyond that, there are more detailed aspects of the size that come into play. Depth is a one of those key aspects. A 5 ft. pool is an average depth, as that’s what most people can stand in. Requesting a pool built much deeper than that may be considered an extra-add on and raise the price.


Luxury Pool Builders in Phoenix, AZ

Considering the space the pool will be built in, not just the pool itself, is also important. The accessibility and size of the space you’re working with will determine whether there are extra charges tacked on. If you’re trying to build the pool on a hill, it will need to be built up, leveled, and cleared for safety hazards before the pool-building even begins.

Equipment and Materials

Equipment and components may not be something commonly thought of when determining what a pool should cost. Important things like permits, blueprints, concrete mixing, bonding, water controlling, and equipment used for these processes will be tacked on to the cost. They won’t explain that to you or break the price down line-by-line, but it may help you to know that all these things are a part of it.


Luxury Pool Builders in Phoenix, AZ

The level of complexity chosen for your luxury pool will influence the price along with any specialty add-ons you might like. A simple rectangular pool is pretty basic. A custom-shaped pool with a mosaic tile border and jets is a bit more luxurious. These high-end add ons won’t only cost you more, but they will add more value to the investment you are making.

An infinity pool with planters, lighting, and umbrellas built in are more attractive than a basic pool. If you were to decide to sell your home later, a luxury pool will help you claim a higher selling price.


Lastly, location is a big player in luxury pool cost. If you’re building a luxury pool to begin with, you’re more likely to be located in a high-end area. These areas already have a higher average cost for services and products, so don’t be surprised when your quote is high as well. Your area may charge more for things like permits, which are necessary to start building.

Find What You’re Looking For

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