Maintaining a pool can be hard and during the summer months, it is important to make sure that you are on top of you pool sanitization so you do not get anyone sick. School’s out and the summer is finally here—so making sure that your family’s pool is clean and ready to use should be a top priority.Whether you have a saltwater pool or a chlorinated pool, Natural Reflections is here to make sure your pool is ready for the summertime, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the best time of the year.

Traditional Sanitizer Options

The most traditional and cost effective way to clean and sanitize your pool is through the chlorination process. The process of using chlorine has been the main choice for owners for 100 years. Using chlorine to clean and sanitize a pool is the most common method of pool upkeep which requires putting in the pool shock chemical either monthly, weekly, or daily. To clean with chlorine, you will add stabilized chlorine – that does contain cyanuric acid – into a diffuser, skimmer basket or floating dispenser and that chlorine will circulate throughout the water killing the unwanted bacteria in your pool.

Pool Sanitizer Alternatives

There are many alternatives to sanitization your pool for those who are not fans of the red, burning and itchy eyes that can be caused by chlorine.

For those who don’t like chlorinated pools and that have a salt water pool, salt sanitizers have become an alternative. A salt sanitizer needs to be a part of the pool’s equipment system. How the system works is it will convert salt to chlorine and then it is passed into the water. This style of cleaning offers to kill the bacteria, algae, viruses, and other radicals that may be in your pool.

The other style of sanitization for your pool is ozone pool purification. This style of purification accounts for over 90% of the world’s water purification processes. The way that ozone purification works is by adding molecules to the water. Through an ozone generator an extra molecule is discharged then the molecules are passed through a diffuser and this creates bubbles. After the bubbles are created then they are mixed into the pool. This breakdown results in clean swimmable water.

The third modern way to sanitize your pool is through ultraviolet pool lights. This method may seem to be the most confusing but at Natural Reflections we are here to explain it to you. This method uses short wavelength UV light to kill the organisms that do not belong in your pool. Instead of putting chemicals into your pool,the UV sanitation process takes place in your pool equipment. Water is pushed into the tank and powerful UV rays treat the water before it circulates back into the pool.

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