Saltwater chlorination is a convenient, exciting alternative to traditional chlorination systems. The water in the pool, which contains a small amount of dissolved salt enters the filter and is converted into chlorine gas, which dissolves into the water and keeps your pool clean, with soft, clear water. Rather than dumping harsh chemicals to treat your pool, saltwater chlorination provides a much softer, safer alternative without compromising on cleanliess or appearance. Phoenix pool builders have taken into account the recent trend towards saltwater chlorination systems and, therefore, have added the installation and upkeep of these systems to their services.

1.      Does It Still Use Chlorine?

The rise in popularity of these saltwater chlorination systems in residencies and commercial pools is in part due to the promise of a less harsh substance to use as cleaning chemicals, but the continuous rise in popularity over time is due to the consistent satisfaction of salt-water chlorination system users. The system still utilizes chlorine, but instead of just immersing your pool with chemicals poured from a large bottle, the pool is able to create chlorine with a chlorine generator, using the salt in the water. It is just as clean, but much more efficient with its usage of chlorine.

2.      Maintenance and Upkeep

Chlorinators are not incredibly difficult to maintain. The simple steps needed to keep up with this new system in order to maintain a clean, safe pool are to simply maintain a consistent salt level and to clean the chlorinator cell two or three times a year. The only real extra step needed for this system is the consideration of calcium levels in the pool, as well as powering down the chlorinator during lightening storms to avoid risk of a power surge causing damages to the systems control board. These systems are simple to maintain, and durable as well, typically lasting between three and seven years depending on the degree to which the system has been cared for and maintained.

3.      Price

The only major drawback about this saltwater chlorination system is the price. While the system makes the pool easier to maintain over time, the initial cost can be daunting. These systems often cost between eight hundred and one thousand dollars. The salt necessary to generate the chlorination process is not expensive and makes it easy to see the payoff of that initial investment in the more expensive chlorination system. The biggest price paid is up top for the system itself, but over time, owners will not need to spend as much money on costly repairs and maintenance, and much less time on these things as well. With the cost efficiency and time saved over time, the initial price seems much less daunting.

4.      Is It For You?

Ultimately, the saltwater chlorination system is one that makes it easier for homeowners or commercial pool operators to maintain a clean, safe swimming environment without as much time and money spent on daily, weekly, and yearly upkeep, but if the initial price is too steep, some may find it more worthwhile to purchase a cheaper system and replace it in a few years. At Natural Reflections Pools & Spas, we, as a Phoenix pool builder, have all the information you need on this and other pool-related topics. Contact us today for information or consultation to make sure you build the perfect pool for you!